Aluminum facade profiles
Aluminum facade systems are used on the exterior of most modern buildings. Aluminum is a great metal that shines out as a structural element on buildings because of its high-level durability and modern view. Aluminum facade design is used for different purposes of;
  • heat insulation and control,
  • sunlight control,
  • ventilation system

What is Aluminum Facade Profiles?

Aluminum facade profiles are durable profile systems used in the field of construction and decoration. The usage area is quite wide. Aluminum exterior profiles are also used in wall and ceiling coating processes.

What are the Features of Aluminum Facade Profiles?

There are so many beneficial features of aluminum facade profiles. Below you can see it in the table.

Use Construction and decoration material
Applications Exterior, wall cladding, ceiling cladding
Characteristics It is a recyclable and fire-resistant material. It is also very light and can be easily mounted with nails. The exterior is quite beautiful and can be painted.
Format / Raw Material  Aluminum metal profiles
Sizes Up to 8 meters
Guarantee At least 10 years

Aluminum facade profiles, which are a good example of long-lasting and durable exterior cladding products, are highly resistant to bad weather conditions. This product, which is also resistant to fire, protects the facades against natural disasters. Since it is also resistant to corrosion, your exterior cladding will have an aesthetic and pleasant appearance for many years.

T profiles for facades


Aluminum T profiles can be used for exterior cladding. It can be produced in different sizes and features. For you, we can apply any shape and any size. The important thing is that the area you want to use looks aesthetic and beautiful. That’s why you can use T profiles for facades.

In addition, facade profiles are also used for decorative wall coverings. In addition to standard sizes, special size production can also be made. All you have to do here is to contact the aluminum profile manufacturer Bor Aluminum.

Benefits of Aluminum Facade Profiles


  • Aluminum profiles offer design flexibility.
  • It is quite light so the application phase is easy.
  • It is produced by processing in CNC machines and has an excellent surface coating.
  • Call us to take advantage of wholesale aluminum profile orders and advantageous price opportunities.

Also, aluminum has a great view. The anodized aluminum facade has a great view with different types of color choices.

There are many benefits to aluminum facade systems. First of all, aluminum is a very light but strong material. This way, you provide the strength of your building while you also decrease the total load of it. Also, it is very resistant to weather conditions and rust. On the other hand, aluminum is very flexible which helps the integrity of the building. Just like other plans, aluminum is a wonderful material for many different users. So you can choose facade profiles from the specialist.

Aluminum Facade Profile Prices


Prices of aluminum facade profile systems vary depending on their size and features. Prices are constantly updated. For detailed information, simply contact us.