Aluminum Construction Profiles

Aluminum construction profiles are innovative and well-designed products that started to replace steel construction. Construction profiles can be mounted on each other very easily, which makes them a very practical construction element.
Construction aluminum profiles are manufactured from the 6063 series and fortified with 11 microns anodizing. So, this way, there won’t be another extra process on installations. These profiles also don’t require painting.

They are generally manufactured in 6000 mm, but it is also possible to manufacture 7500 mm on special requests.
It is possible to use aluminum alloy construction profiles with all kinds of static and dynamic loads. As all the components are standard and fit for each other, using them is very practical. The most important features of aluminum construction profiles are;
Easy and fast mounting,
High usefulness,
Easy to design.
Today, construction profiles are used in every industry. It is possible to manufacture table, machine, cover, and other applications. Also, it is possible to use them as air, water, or oil channels with the help of their unique structure.
On the other hand, as they are very modular, it is very easy to dismantle and mount them again in another place.