Aluminum Insect Screen Profiles

Insect screens are widely used in restaurants, hotels, public and community buildings, and of course residential places. The main aim to use them is the detention of insects. There are several types of materials for the frame but the best one is aluminum insect screen profiles.

There are two parts of the insect screens; the profile and the net. Aluminum can be used for both of them, because of its distinctive features. As aluminum is a very light material, it is very beneficial to use at windows and doors.
On the other hand, insect screens are subject to all kinds of severe weather conditions. As aluminum is very durable against these conditions, it is the most ideal material for screens. As it is very durable and light, there will be fewer loads on wooden or PVC window frames. Besides, if you use aluminum insect screen mesh with the frame, you will have the best combination for insect screen profile.