Aluminum windowsill profiles

A window sill (or as written windowsill) is a structural construction material that is horizontally placed at the exterior bottom part of a window. The most important purpose of a windowsill is to support a window to stand in its space. Also, they are very effective to move the rainwater away from the window and wall. And, its final purpose is aesthetics.

Aluminum Window Sills Profiles

What are aluminum window sills?

As an aluminum profile manufacturer, we can also manufacture aluminum window sills. No one does not knows how widespread aluminum joinery is today. Aluminum joinery, which is used in all newly created construction systems and decorations of spaces, has become more popular with its fashion today. Joinery, which attracts attention because it creates a modern line as well as useful products, is also used by many individuals and companies today. In this sense, different aluminum joinery models can be made in our company that can appeal to everyone’s taste.
So, as we can understand from shutters and shades, aluminum is a great material for this product. An aluminum windowsill can provide all these aims with little or no maintenance costs. Aluminum windowsill slides and aluminum windowsill tracks are very successful in protecting our windows and buildings from noise, rainwater, and important weather issues like the wind. They are also very helpful in heat insulation. With little maintenance costs, you can have a very beneficial and modern view of your building.
Aluminum window profiles are similar in many diagrams and features as producible products.
  • Maximum of 3 meters can be produced.
  •  It can be coated with powder paint to obtain different color sills.
  •  It can be used for residential and commercial buildings.
  •  Aluminum window sills are produced with aluminum alloy.
  •  It is easy to maintain and suitable for long use. It has a useful life of at least 30 years.
You Can Increase Energy Efficiency with Aluminum Window Profiles.
Aluminum window profiles are among the most used profile types today. Because it is highly resistant to water and humidity. And it provides heat efficiency. That’s why aluminum window sills are indispensable products of homes.
If you want to prevent the cold air that can enter the house from outside, you should definitely choose aluminum window sills. Also, as you know, aluminum is a light material and therefore very easy to assemble and install.
The window sills applied for interior and exterior window sills are compatible with every wall structure and can be produced in different sizes.

Benefits of Aluminum Window Sills

  • It prevents cold from entering the house from outside.
  •  It is light.
  •  Easy to install.
  •  Special size produced.
  •  It has traditional and modern country style.
  •  Suitable for wood and aluminum interior and exterior applications.
  •  The current list can be adapted.


Features of Aluminum Window Sills

Perfect Corner Joın Feature With the express machine system, the windows ensure longer life with the perfect and trouble-free corner joint pin system.
Double Openıng Applıcatıon Feature Provide fresh air circulation and ventilation of the room without heat loss as long as the tilt windows remain open when they are in the transom position.
Adjustable Wındow Sılls  Applıcatıon Feature


Thanks to the specially designed plug-in sill bed, it closes the visuals of the wall defects that occur after window installation. It provides an architectural appearance and integrity with the window with the adjustable sill that can be attached after painting.

Aluminum Exterior Window Sills For Sale

Modern technology combined with aluminum brings elegance to window sills. With its very high durability and functional use, window sills profiles will add an aesthetic appearance to your windows. These profiles, which can be produced in different shades of gray, are among the most used aluminum profiles.
If you are looking for a product that you can use and be satisfied with for many years, you can choose aluminum window sills. As Bor Aluminum we are an aluminum window sills manufacturer. For more information about wholesale aluminum window sills just contact us. Contact us to take advantage of discounted prices!