Aluminum Hinge Profile

A hinge is an element that is used to combine two different objects. There are two parts on a hinge that are mounted on the objects, and they rotate on a fixed axis that is also located on the hinge. The most popular type of them is door hinges. Generally, doors are mounted onto a door frame with a door hinge. The hinge allows the door to rotate on its axis, which results in the opening and closing of the door.


What is Aluminum Hinge Profile?

Generally, there are two types of hinge materials; steel hinges and Aluminium Hinge profiles. Aluminum profile hinges are less strong than steel ones, but they are lighter. An aluminum hinge is generally 40%lighter than a steel hinge. This is very beneficial in reducing the total load of the objects. Another important benefit of aluminum door hinges is durability. Aluminum is a very resistant material against weather conditions and outer effects. They rarely rust. This way, the aluminum hinge mechanism helps the door to function perfectly for many years.

Features of Aluminum Door Profiles


Aluminum door profiles as hinges are produced for use indoors. It is a very strong profile type and can carry heavy loads. The quality performance of these hinge types, which has a very wide usage area, is quite high.
It can also be used in 19mm aluminum door profiles. It can be compatible with any type of door. The aluminum door profile is suitable for use for interior or exterior doors.

  • It can be used on both aluminum doors and wooden doors.
  • It can be produced in the desired size.
Material Aluminum
Application Areas Door hinges as aluminum profiles
Lenght 40 mm (1.575 inc) / custom size
Width 40mm (1ç575 inc) / custom size

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Aluminum Hinge Profile Prices

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