Aluminum Awning Profiles

Awning, or also known as overhang, is secondary coverage that is protruding from the main structure of the building. The main purpose of awnings is the protection of sunlight, rain, snow, or other weather conditions like strong winds. Actually, the history of awnings goes back to ancient Egyptian and Syrian settlements.
Awnings can be made from different materials; steel, iron, cotton, polyester, and many others. But, the most proper material for the awning is aluminum. Aluminum awnings are very common because of the distinctive features of aluminum metal.

Special Aluminum Profiles for Awnings 
So how do we make aluminum profile awnings? Actually, aluminum is generally used on the framing of this structural element. The real load of awnings is subject to the frame. As aluminum is a durable and strong material, an aluminum awning frame is a great solution for the main structure of awnings.
Where to Use Aluminum Awnings
Actually, it is possible to construct and use it wherever you need a covering. Aluminum window awnings, aluminum door awnings, aluminum porch awnings, or aluminum patio awnings are the most popular types of them. When you add plexiglass or fibers to the structure, it becomes like a canopy, which is a transparent covering material.
Benefits of Aluminum Awnings
With the help of the developments in aluminum metallurgy technologies, aluminum awnings became very popular in residential structures all over the world. The most important benefit of aluminum awnings for a home is the strong structure and durability. It is possible to use them for over 40 years without serious problems. Also, it is beneficial to the furniture under this protection. As covering them from weather effects, they also increase the lifetime of them.
Some aluminum awnings are designed to fold and fasten to their place. This is a very efficient way to protect your windows from hurricanes or big storms. On the other hand, aluminum awnings for mobile homes is also another popular and effective way of using them. As aluminum is a light element, you will have great load efficiency on your van or RVs.
Finally, it is possible to choose different color types of aluminum awnings. You can either go for painting aluminum awnings or use anodized aluminum for different color choices.
At Bor Aluminum, we provide the best types of aluminum awning profiles.