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Scrap metal is very valuable. Especially aluminum and yellow brass are very important and valuable scraps. So many materials that we use in our daily lives are used as raw materials for aluminum production. And this situation requires a great amount of aluminum reserve. There are limited resources of materials in nature and in order to benefit from them in a more efficient way, we should use them more wisely and give more importance to recycling.

So we can understand that scrap recycling very important. Scraps are rare metals that can be recycled 100% and this makes them very valuable.

Scrap types that we purchase on their value;

  • Yellow brass scrap
  • Copper scrap
  • Cable scrap
  • Generator scrap
  • Chrome scrap
  • Zinc scrap
  • Battery scrap
  • Aluminum scrap
  • Nickel scrap
  • Engine scrap
  • Glass, bottle scrap
  • Ferrous scrap

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Scrap Trading Companies

As Babaogul Scrap, among other scrap trade companies, we value your scrap materials into cash at the right place and time and transform them with recycling as fast as possible. This way, we help our world by providing energy savings and reducing waste materials. If you are looking for an expert scrap trade company, just contact us.

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Scrap Trade Companies

Bor Scrap purchases your scraps with the highest prices. For example, ferrous and copper scrap prices are different from each other. Different materials' sectoral values are different. So, scrap prices will be different according to different types. So, scrap lead and scrap paper prices will also be different.

On the other hand, valuable scrap prices are very high. For metal scrap prices, you can check our website. One of the most important issues about scrap trade is scrap discounts. This makes current scrap prices very important. Don't you forget that your scraps are very valued with Babaogul Scrap?

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Scrap Price and Types


Here are the current scrap price list  

Ferrous Scrap Prices
DKP Ferrous Scrap 2,89 ₺/Kg
Extra Ferrous Scrap 2,89 ₺/Kg
1. Class Ferrous Scrap 2,50 ₺/Kg
2. Class Ferrous Scrap 2,60 ₺/Kg
Iron Chips Scrap 2,30 ₺/Kg
Collection Scrap 2,00 ₺/Kg
Tin Scrap 1,5 ₺/Kg
Peak Iron Chips Scrap 2,10 ₺/Kg
Construction Demolution Scrap 2,30 ₺/Kg
Construction Iron Bar Scrap 2,60 ₺/Kg
Scale Scrap 1,00 ₺/Kg

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If you are looking for a scrap trade company, just contact us. Because you will reach the best quality of service with 100% customer satisfaction. We are an expert scrap purchase company. We purchase all types of scraps, especially metal scraps. Metal scraps can be recycled 100% and they keep their structural features after recycling. This is why scrap metal purchase is very important. You can be sure that we will provide you the best service for metal recycling.

NOTE: 500 million tonnes of metal scraps are being recycled every year in the world. The types of these recycled metals are;

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Yellow brass
  • Nickel

And many more metals can be recycled. If you are looking for a good scrap trade company, you can contact us as the best scrap trade company. We are here to provide the best service to you. We are picking up your scraps from your address and don't tire you at all. With the highest scrap prices, we can provide the best service in the scrap sector. So, we believe that Bor Scrap is the most valuable company in the sector and we continue our way with this motto.

The scrap sector has a wide capacity in our country. The trading volume of this sector reaches 6 million € and continues constantly growing to support recycling. The scrap purchase from the address service that we provide will save you from a big workload. Now we will give you more information about what is scrap and what scrap companies do.

What does Scrap Collector Mean?

In order to talk about the collector, we should first talk about scrap. So, what does a scrap mean? Scrap is the material or metals that are discarded for reprocessing. These materials are used as raw materials for the manufacturing industry. And, scrap collecting is the profession of purchasing these scraps and making them recycled. Today, the scrap trade sector is constantly growing and professional companies give service in this industry.

Scrap trade companies purchase these types of scraps;

  • Copper scrap
  • Yellow brass scrap
  • Ferrous scrap
  • Aluminum scrap
  • Cable scrap
  • Battery scrap
  • Generator scrap

and many more scrap types. As you can see, most of the scrap types are metal scraps. As we mentioned before, metal scrap recycling is very important for sustainability and efficiency in using natural resources. Also, it is possible to save energy with recycling. We can provide 90% of energy efficiency and save limited world resources. It is possible to protect natural resources with recycling. Also, it is possible to make a contribution to natural sustainability by preventing greenhouse gases and reducing carbon emissions.

So, as a result, we can say that metal scrap is very important for scrap purchase.

Scrap Trade Company Near Me

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How to Define Scrap Prices?

Scrap prices are defined according to London Metal Stock Market. At Babaogul Scrap, we provide you the highest prices. We can help you with the best and current prices.

The Highest Scrap Prices

We keep our promises as an Istanbul scrap company. With our highest scrap prices and paying in cash, we become prominent as a new generation scrap company. If you are looking for a professional scrap service, just contact us.  

Aluminum is a very common metal that is used in soda cans, cans, civilian aviation, and airplanes. And the recycling ability of this metal is very important to improve the world's sustainability. Aluminum is the second (first is steel) recycled metal in the world and one-third of all aluminum need is provided from recycled aluminum. The most popular aluminum resources are soda cans and other types of general usage products. Recycled aluminum from airplanes is also another growing aluminum resource.

Aluminum recycling has some very important benefits.

First, aluminum doesn't lose its structural quality when recycled;

It can be recycled many times without any deterioration.

Second, aluminum recycling is cheaper than manufactured aluminum from natural resources.

Aluminum recycling provides cost savings when we consider new production even if we include the costs of collecting, distributing, and recycling processes. For example, recycling aluminum from airplanes is feasible, and the approximate price of the aluminum that is derived from a Boeing 747 is between 200.000 - 250.000 $.

Ferrous scrap prices may change according to the type of iron. Here are some of the current ferrous scrap prices by type.

Hurda demir fiyatı demir hurdasının cinsine bağlı olarak değişkenlik göstermektedir. Aşağıdaki tabloda güncel hurda demir fiyatı incelenebilir.

Dkp Ferrous Scrap 4.10 ₺
Extra Ferrous Scrap 4.00 ₺
Collection Scrap 3.10 ₺
Tin Scrap 2.50 ₺
Iron Chips Scrap 3.00 ₺
Peak Iron Chips Scrap 3.00 ₺
Construction Demolution Scrap 3.30 ₺
Construction Iron Bar Scrap 4.00 ₺
Scale Scrap 0.20 ₺

Scrap can be categorized according to structural features. According to these compounds; the ones that have the best quality materials are defined as 1. group scrap. And if the quality level is low, these scrap materials are called as 2. group. And this second group of scrap materials doesn't include DKP, Bonus, and Extra scraps.

DKP Scrap: These materials are used in the white appliance and automotive industry. They include only less amount of sulfur and phosphorus materials. There shouldn't be oxidation in the compound. So, this is why DKP is in the 1. group.

Extra Scrap: This group is a kind of steel scrap that is unoxidized and non-compound.

Bonus Scrap: Oxidized or very less oxidized steel scraps. Generally, they are obtained from demolition works.

  1. Group Scraps
  • Thin cast compounds
  • Shipwreck scraps
  • Thin steel construction scraps
  • Unoxidized thin round scraps
  • Non-corrupted scraps

Scrap prices change constantly. For the current prices, you can check our website or contact us.

Copper scrap prices change constantly. Here are the current prices.

For instant prices, you can call us.


Soyma Copper Scrap 83.00 ₺
Lama Copper Manufacture Residue Electrolitic 83.00 ₺
Kırkambar copper (bobbin, scorched, pipe) 72.00 ₺
Ingot copper %98 75.00 ₺
Kırkambar Kırma Copper 72.00 ₺
Copper chips 74.00 ₺
Copper Mud 41.00 ₺



Here is the list of the average current scrap price list. Scrap prices change constantly. For instant prices, please contact us.


Ferrous Scrap Prices
DKP Ferrous Scrap 2,89 ₺/Kg
Extra Ferrous Scrap 2,89 ₺/Kg
1. Class Ferrous Scrap 2,50 ₺/Kg
2. Class Ferrous Scrap 2,60 ₺/Kg
Iron Chips Scrap 2,30 ₺/Kg
Collection Scrap 2,00 ₺/Kg
Tin Scrap 1,5 ₺/Kg
Peak Iron Chips Scrap 2,10 ₺/Kg
Construction Demolution Scrap 2,30 ₺/Kg
Construction Iron Bar Scrap 2,60 ₺/Kg
Scale Scrap 1,00 ₺/Kg

NOTE: Ferrous scrap prices may vary from season to season. Especially in the winter season, as the construction sector almost halts, ferrous scrap prices generally rise. The stock market is also effective on ferrous scrap prices. And of course, the recycling process has an important effect on the prices. As hard as the process is, prices will be higher.

Additionally; ferrous scraps can be obtained from construction demolitions. And the prices will vary according to the types of iron. We can understand that ferrous scrap prices may differentiate. The reasons are rusting proportion, ferrous scrap quality, purity, and transformability proportion. So, you should consider the type of iron when taking ferrous scrap prices. As you can see in the chart, collection scrap and tin scrap prices are different from each other.

Copper Scrap Prices
Stripped Copper Scrap 50,00 ₺/Kg
Lama Copper Scrap 49,00 ₺/Kg
Kırkambar (bobbin, scorched, pipe) Copper Scrap 47,00 ₺/Kg
%98 Ingot Copper 49,00 ₺/Kg
TTR Granule Copper Scrap 49,00 ₺/Kg
Copper(Red) Chips Scrap 47,00 ₺/Kg

NOT: Copper scrap prices change according to exchange rates. Copper scraps are generally obtained from the electronics industry. Also known as cable scrap, there is plenty of copper scrap in this type. Copper scrap prices also differ according to different types of them. As it is in the ferrous scrap, the price is affected by transformability and rusting proportion. For example, while TTR Granule Copper Scrap price is 49 ₺/Kg, Stripped Copper Scrap price is 50 ₺/Kg

Aluminum Scrap Prices
Aluminum Chips Scrap 7,30 ₺/Kg
Steel/Plastic Aluminum Wire 10,00 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Scrap with Copper Comb 20,00 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Wire Scrap 14,00 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Ruin Scrap 12,50 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Rim Scrap 12,80 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Scrap Off-set Print 13,00 ₺/Kg
Undyed Aluminum Scrap Profile 12,00 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Profile Scrap 11,30 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Plate Scrap 10,30 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Piston Scrap 10,00 ₺/Kg
Hard Aluminum Scrap 8,10 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Box Scrap 6,10 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Radiator Scrap 6,30 ₺/Kg

NOTE: Aluminum has a wide range of usage areas. Also, it has a very high recyclability proportion of 100%. So, aluminum scrap prices become very important because of this high recycling capability. Aluminum scrap or in another name aluminum ruin becomes very important in order to protect nature.

You can also make contributions to nature by providing aluminum recycling which also results in great energy savings. Aluminum scrap prices also change according to the purity of aluminum. For current aluminum scrap prices follow us from the internet or give us a call.

Scrap Paper Prices
High-Grade Paper Pulp Scrap 1,10 ₺/Kg
Different Colored Paper Scrap 1,00 ₺/Kg
Cardboard Scrap 1,10 ₺/Kg
Scrap School Books 1,30 ₺/Kg
A4 Paper Scrap 1,30 ₺/Kg
Napkin Scrap 1,10 ₺/Kg
Paper Cup Scrap 1,00 ₺/Kg
Old Newspaper Scrap 1,10 ₺/Kg
Unused Newspaper Scrap 1,50 ₺/Kg
Bristol Paper Scrap 0,75 ₺/Kg
Glossy Paper Scrap 0,80₺/Kg

NOTE: Scrap paper prices change according to the quality level and type of the paper. Year by year, as happened in the other scrap types, paper scrap prices also increase. For example, cardboard scrap prices and newspaper scrap prices are different from each other. Or all the prices in 2019 and 2020 are also different from each other. The important issue is to learn the current prices.

Paper recycling is very important for the environment. By using scrap paper for recycling will reduce the need for new paper, so the world will be clearer. The most common scrap paper types are A4, cardboard, glossy, and newspaper papers. For more information about scrap paper recycling and scrap paper prices, please contact us.


Yellow Brass Scrap Prices
Yellow Brass Scrap Ruin MS-70 40,00 ₺/Kg
Yellow Brass Scrap Ruin MS-64 39,00 ₺/Kg
Yellow Brass Scrap Stick Edge Part 38,50 ₺/Kg
Yellow Brass Scrap MS-58 Stick Chips 34,00 ₺/Kg
Yellow Brass Scrap Kırkambar Valve Faucet 31,00 ₺/Kg
Scrap Water meter 31,00 ₺/Kg
Yellow Brass Scrap Radiator 28,00 ₺/Kg
Scrap Phosphorus Bronz Ruin 47,00 ₺/Kg

NOTE: Yellow brass scrap prices change according to copper scrap prices. Because yellow brass is a type that is derived from copper scrap. In order to learn the most accurate yellow brass and copper scrap prices, you can check our website. For more detailed information, you can reach us by phone.


Plastic Scrap Prices
Scrap ABS Plastic 2,00 ₺/Kg
Scrap Polypropylene 2,00 ₺/Kg
Scrap Polystyrene 2,00 ₺/Kg
Scrap Gelatin 1,80 ₺/Kg
Blue and Red Cap 1,70 ₺/Kg
Transparent White Nylon Scrap 3,00 ₺/Kg
PVC Window Scrap 2,10 ₺/Kg
Elteks Plastic Scrap 1,50 ₺/Kg
Clean Plastic Bottle Scrap 1,40 ₺/Kg

NOTE: Plastic scrap prices change according to the type and condition of the plastic and the damage that it has. For the purchase from your address, just call us.


Chrome Scrap Prices 
Rustproof Scrap 304 Chrome 10,10 ₺/Kg
Rustproof Scrap 304 Chrome Chips 8,10 ₺/Kg
Rustproof Scrap 316 Chrome 14,10 ₺/Kg
Rustproof Scrap 316 Chrome Chips 12,20 ₺/Kg
Rustproof Scrap 310 Chrome 19,10 ₺/Kg
Rustproof Scrap 310 Chrome Chips 17,10 ₺/Kg
Rustproof Scrap 430 Chrome 3,10 ₺/Kg
Rustproof Scrap 201 Chrome 3,20 ₺/Kg
Rustproof Scrap 202 Chrome 3,00 ₺/Kg
Anode Nickel %99 59,00 ₺/Kg

NOTE: There are so many different types of chrome scrap and chrome scrap prices change according to these types and purity levels.


Scrap Cable Prices
Mixed Cable Scrap 11,00 ₺/Kg
Antigron Cable Scrap 15,00 ₺/Kg
Single Line Indoor Installation Cable Scrap 31,20 ₺/Kg
Underground Energy Line Scrap 25,00 ₺/Kg
TTR Cable Scrap 12-18 ₺/Kg
Steel Shell Cable Scrap 8-17 ₺/Kg
Anti-rat Cable Scrap 24,00 ₺/Kg

NOTE: Cable scrap prices change according to type and the damage that it has. The interior material of the cable is also effective at scrap prices.

Circuit Card Scrap Prices 
Computer RAM Card Scrap 6,30 ₺/Kg
Computer Mainboard Scrap 8,00 ₺/Kg
SIM Card Scrap 6,00 ₺/Kg
Modem Card Scrap 3,50 ₺/Kg
Satellite Receiver Card Scrap 3,30 ₺/Kg
Printer Card Scrap 3,10 ₺/Kg
Processor Card Scrap 6,00 ₺/Kg
Harddisk Scrap 5,00 ₺/Kg
Lead Scrap Prices 
Lead Slab Scrap 14,30 ₺/Kg
Roof Lead Scrap 14,20 ₺/Kg
Nickel Scrap Prices
Nickel Template %95-99 Scrap 94,00 ₺/Kg
Anode Nickel Scrap 93,00 ₺/Kg
Nickel Burr Scrap 61,00 ₺/Kg
Battery Scrap Prices
Wet Battery Scrap 7,30 ₺/Kg
Dry Battery Scrap 7,30 ₺/Kg
Small Battery Scrap 6,30 ₺/Kg

NOTE: Battery scrap prices change according to their dimensions and types (dry or wet). For battery scrap prices, call us. We are an expert company that scraps purchase from the adress. For the most valuable scraps, just contact us.

Zinc Scrap Prices
Ingot Zinc 16,30 ₺/Kg
Zink Slab Scrab 16,00 ₺/Kg
Zamak Scrap Prices
Zamak Scrap Production 16,30 ₺/Kg
Antimon Scrap 14,00 ₺/Kg
Engine Scrap Prices
Ferrous Alloy Engine Scrap 4,30 ₺/Kg
Aluminum Alloy Engine Scrap 6,00 ₺/Kg

As you can see, scrap prices change generally according to types, including materials, rusting proportion, and so many other features of the scrap materials. For current scrap prices, follow or contact us.