aluminum railing
Why choose aluminum railing systems?

Aluminum railing, aluminum handrail stair railing, aluminum stair, glass railing, striped railing, aluminum stair railing, pool railing, safety railing aluminum railing…. Recently, many terms like this have been spoken by consumers.

So what are these, what does it do, and what benefits?

Decoration for stairs, balconies, terraces and many parts of buildings is called a balustrade to ensure safety and a pleasant appearance. The application using aluminum profiles is called aluminum railing.

The railing is synonymous with the wood handrail. The balustrades can be wood, iron, and plastic, as well as special aluminum profiles.

Unlike other railing applications, the aluminum railing is disassembled. So their profiles are in a piece shape. Then these profiles are created by fastening them with screws.

Aluminum railings can be easily applied on stairs, balconies, building entrances, gardens, poolside, and terraces.

What are the factors that determine the price of aluminum handrail?

  1. Quality of the material and profile thicknesses
  2. The density of the material to be used
  3. Firm quality
  4. Quantity of work

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Railing

To give safety and a nice view of the sections of the buildings such as balconies, stairs, terraces, pools, balustrades are made. If we need to repeat, we both secure your safety by using aluminum profiles with our stylish designs and complete the elegance of your structures by making aluminum railing. We deliver on time and keep our works meticulously, always keeping your requests in the foreground. Now we would like to briefly talk about the advantages of aluminum railings.

  1. It increases the value of your buildings by providing aesthetics, visuality, and longevity to the usage areas such as stairs, balconies, terraces, and pool edges.
  2. Aluminum railings do not require any maintenance. Other than cleaning, and thanks to its superior features such as years of trouble-free use, it has become an integral and indispensable element of modern and smart structures today.
  3. It increases the value of your structures with its being strong and light.
  4. Suitable solutions for each building’s atmosphere provide ease of use and a variety of applications. You can apply it in any way you want.
  5. Aluminum railings can be used both indoors and outdoors. It does not overload the structures.
  6. It is nature friendly with its recycling feature.
  7. Aluminum handrails are easier to install than other applications.
  8. It does not form rust and is resistant to corrosion.

Aluminum handrail does not require renovation and it is very long-lasting. Since it is one of the last processes of the building, it does not harm other productions and also facilitates the application of other productions.

Wherever you are in the world, you should always do your best job. This is an indication of your respect for yourself and your life. As Bor Aluminum, we are aware of this. We work with very successful people in the field and we continue on our way with materials that will ensure your safety.

To meet your expectations correctly, we listen to you first. We shape the projects according to your wishes. Thanks to the aluminum railing, you will be able to provide your security without adding load to your buildings by adding elegance to your living area.

We want you to know that we are constantly following the technological developments related to our constantly renewed products and our field. We would like to remind you that we produce different sizes of products, as well as handrails in different styles suitable for building design. We are in front of you with our smart solutions for your needs and our pricing policy that will not force you.

Why Stainless Railings should be preferred?

Stainless railings add a contemporary feel to any space. Thanks to its strong nature and low maintenance of aluminum, the railing is an ideal option for any space. Stainless railing designs are very diverse.

The balustrades made of aluminum can be used in many areas from the interior stairs and balconies of the spaces to commercial projects. Finding the right railing system is important for both fixing and structural. Since style and design have become the most important components of today, the designs of railings have become as important as their robustness.

So if you are looking for an aluminum balustrade manufacturer, aluminum handrail profile manufacturer, and aluminum railings manufacturer please contact us and get more information about aluminum railing prices.

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