Where Do We Use Aluminum in Our Daily Life
Where Do We Use Aluminum in Our Daily Life?

Aluminum, (symbol AL) has an atomic number of 13 and it is the 3rd most plentiful element in the Earth’s crust after oxygen and silicon. It is not in pure form in nature but usually found in minerals such as bauxite and cryolite. Aluminum is a silvery-white, lightweight, and nonmagnetic metal. It is soft which means ductile and malleable. It is odorless, conductive, durable, and has a high resistance against rusting and corrosion.

Aluminum reacts with most nonmetals upon heating and it also forms a wide range of alloys with metals from every group on the periodic table. So not only in its pure form but also as in compound and alloy forms, aluminum has many usages in our daily life. So, where do we use aluminum in our daily life?

The most common application of aluminum include:

  • Transportation & Machinery,
  • Construction,
  • Electrical and Electronics,
  • Packaging & Container,
  • Durable Goods.

Transportation & Machinery Industry

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Since aluminum is lightweight but also strong and durable, it is widely used in all transportation vehicles and machinery. In the body, engine, and mechanical systems of every vehicle, engineers are always trying to develop better options to make them more lightweight, and compact. So vehicles will need less force to move leading to fuel efficiency.

Aluminum is widely used in aviation beginning with zeppelins which need to be very lightweight but also durable. Today, most planes use aluminum alloys in the fuselage, engines, and other parts of the body. Especially rockets and spacecraft utilize aluminum at least in half of their parts.

Likewise, in the automobile industry, rail systems, marine vehicles the utilization rate of aluminum increases day by day.

Aluminum is preferred in heavy machinery or equipment manufacturing, where thermal and electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance is required. Aluminum is also affordable compared to other options and easy to process.

Construction Industry

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Because of the advantages that we mentioned before, aluminum has wide applications in the construction industry. Aluminum has good thermal insulation, so you can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. It can be shaped easily, so architects prefer using aluminum to build creative buildings. 

Since it is lightweight and durable, aluminum is widely used in the construction of bridges and skyscrapers. Aluminum profiles are generally manufactured according to the requirements of the industry. Also, it has a high resistance to rust, so maintenance costs are not so high.

Electrical and Electronics


For the power lines, aluminum is a better choice than copper. Copper has higher conductivity but heavier, and costly. But aluminum has low density, which makes it a better option over great distances in power lines.  Also, aluminum wires will not get rusted because of oxidization as much as copper wires do.

Aluminum is also used extensively in dishes for satellite, television antennas, and LED bulbs. 

Laptop computers, smart devices, tablets, and flat-screen TVs are some of the electronic devices that aluminum is used increasingly. Also, special aluminum profiles are very common in this field. Apple products use aluminum in order to get a sophisticated sleek appearance and increase durability. 


Packaging & Container

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Canned beverages made of aluminum, are the most common usage that we can see in our daily life. Aluminum cans and containers are widely used in the food and drink industry. It is really hard to believe that you start with a huge aluminum billet and finish with a can of soda.

Another common usage in our homes is aluminum wraps. We use aluminum wraps and foils in order to cook or preserve food.

Durable Goods

Pots and fry pans are commonly made from aluminum. Generally, these are covered with Teflon, granite, or other covering elements in order to reduce direct exposure of food with aluminum. Aluminum conducts heat faster so cooking time reduces. 

Signs we see on the roads, streets, and autobahns and number plates in our cars are made of aluminum. They all are open to all weather effects and pollutants, so aluminum is the best choice for durability and anti-corrosion specialty.

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