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What is Aluminum Extrusion?

Metal materials play an important role in the development of societies. In this development process from the past to the present, few metals play an important role as aluminum. Aluminum, with its unique properties, is a more important metal than many materials such as wood, copper, iron, and steel, known since ancient times. Although it is a very young metal produced on an industrial scale since the second half of the 19th century, it is used more than the total use of all metals such as copper, lead, tin, and zinc.

So what is the aluminum extrusion process? How is it made and where is it used? In today’s article, we will examine this with you. At BOR Aluminum, we produce the highest quality aluminum extrusion profile systems. Bor Aluminum is one of the best Aluminum Extrusion companies in Turkey. If you are looking for an aluminum extrusion manufacturer, please contact us.

Let’s start.

The Aluminum Extrusion process is the process of heating the aluminum of a certain shape (usually defined as billet) and forming it by passing it through the mold. The mold in the desired shape is prepared in advance and attached to the extrusion machine. The extrusion process has two advantages.

  • First; You can produce very mixed and different profiles with Aluminum Extrusion.
  • Second; You can produce profiles with an excellent surface quality as the rough structure inside the material turns into a regular structure with aluminum extrusion.

With the aluminum extrusion method, we can produce a geometry in the plane (2 axes) with very precise dimensions in the desired length. With this method, aluminum profiles can be produced for many sectors such as architecture, automotive, ship, aircraft, electricity, machinery, chemistry, food, etc.

What is the aluminum extrusion press process?

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The aluminum extrusion process is carried out with aluminum extrusion presses. As the tonnage of the presses increases, the billet diameters also increase, and therefore the maximum die sizes that can be printed increase and allow more figured molds to be made.

Steps in Aluminum Extrusion Process

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  1. Steel mold designed according to the desired aluminum profile shape is heated and placed in the extrusion press.
  2. It is applied to the cylindrical aluminum extrusion press machine, which is also preheated.
  3. Extrusion press compresses the nut into the mold with the punch.
  4. Aluminum billet, which takes the shape of the mold, is now called an aluminum profile.
  5. Stretching and cutting to desired lengths are applied by cooling the profile.
  6. The artificial aging (thermal) process is applied for architectural aluminum profiles to obtain the desired mechanical properties.

The cross-section of the aluminum profile obtained by the extrusion method is fixed along with the profile. Steel aluminum extrusion dies are manufactured to obtain the profile in the desired cross-section and are stored for repeated use.

How many types of extrusions are there?

Aluminum extrusion can be done continuously (theoretically with a fairly long material) or semi-continuously (with billets of different lengths). The aluminum extrusion process can be done hot and cold. In aluminum extrusion, cooling is done with air and water.

Which types of aluminum are extruded?

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Aluminum has different properties according to its alloys. For example, profiles are made for many sectors by using aluminum in 6060, 6063 alloys.

The series that we call 7000 series in the aluminum profile is generally used in the automotive industry. Due to its 7000 series aluminum alloy, it is very hard, and not every extrusion company can produce 7000 series alloy aluminum. You can produce gun butts with 7000 series aluminum.

What other materials can be extruded?

Generally, extruded materials; It is made of polymers, ceramics, materials to be eaten, and metals. Extruded products are called billets. The materials to be extruded are according to the type of extrusion; cylinder, square, etc. can.

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