What are the advantages of Thermal Insulation at the Home
What are the advantages of Thermal Insulation at the Home?

With the use of natural gas more in homes, there is a serious increase in the number of bills in winter. The most effective way to prevent bills from rising in cold weather is to save energy. Energy saving is provided with thermal insulation. So, what are the advantages of thermal insulation in residences? Today, we will learn about the benefits of being in a heat-insulated house with you.

There are many ways to provide thermal insulation at home. Windows, under doors, and similar areas, are places where heat loss is most experienced. The place that has the most contact with the outside is the windows. There are many systems developed to prevent windows from creating heat loss.

It is necessary to solve the problem of heat loss that will occur when the weather starts to cool. Windows are areas where heat loss is common, and there are some solutions to isolate these areas.

Today, although PVC window systems are frequently used, aluminum windows made from special aluminum profiles are very common in the construction industry. When heat insulation is desired on aluminum windows, heat-insulated aluminum systems are used. For thermal insulation purposes, frames and glasses may need to be replaced with new heat-insulated window systems.

For example; The perception that there is a lot of heat loss in a house with aluminum windows is wrong. Because aluminum windows are produced in a heat-insulated way like other window types. If you want to buy heat-insulated aluminum window profiles, all you have to do is contact us. At Bor Aluminum, we are working harder every day to increase your comfort and living standards.

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Therefore, you can provide thermal insulation by taking advantage of the quality and reasonable price of aluminum.

Heat loss causes approximately 10% energy consumption in windows. When window insulation is applied, it provides an economic advantage in terms of energy consumption in the long term and allows you to reduce the costs reflected in the bills every month.

Thermal insulation increases your living standards as it provides a more hygienic, less humid, warmer, or cooler atmosphere in winter and summer. Providing a healthier and more comfortable life opportunity is the most important reason for thermal insulation.

There is a very close relationship between a country’s development and its economy. One of the applications that directly affect the economy of the country is the application of thermal insulation. We can consider the benefits of thermal insulation on an individual and country basis. For countries, it means economic development and a healthy environment through energy savings, and for individuals, an increased budget and a better living standard with fuel savings.

50 percent of the energy used to heat the house during the winter months is wasted due to the uninsulated exterior. Half of the natural gas bill you pay every month evaporates due to heat loss. The importance of thermal insulation in residences comes out at this point.

Reducing high natural gas bills is only possible with thermal insulation. So what are the advantages of thermal insulation at home?

Let’s examine the advantages of thermal insulation and sheathing techniques generally applied to the exterior of the building.


10 advantages of thermal insulation

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  1. Thermal insulation minimizes heat loss, keeping your home cold in summer and warm in winter. This offers you a comfortable life.
  2. It creates balanced room temperatures between parts of your home. It helps to make your living space healthier and more comfortable. The heat balance of each room will be the same. You won’t feel cold when you go from the living room to the kitchen.
  3. It contributes to both your economy and the national economy.
  4. It decreases our country’s foreign dependency.
  5. Mold and fungus formation is prevented in buildings.
  6. Since it is an outdoor application, there is no loss of space in the interior.
  7. Aesthetic appearance is obtained on the exterior.
  8. By protecting the buildings from external factors; reduces repair costs.
  9. By preventing the iron inside the concrete from rusting, it makes your building more resistant to earthquakes.
  10. It has a positive effect on environmental pollution and global warming by reducing fuel consumption.

The amount of energy we spend decreases every year with correct thermal insulation applications. Thermal insulation prevents the formation of thermal bridges in buildings. Heat spreads evenly in insulated houses. Air pollution, especially in winter, is caused by energy consumption. Since less fuel will be used with thermal insulation, the presence of gases such as CO2 and SO2 released into the atmosphere decreases.

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As you can see, you can have a better quality of life in your home with thermal insulation. The most important thing to do for this is to insulate the exterior of the building. However, this requires a joint decision of everyone living in the building. If this is not possible, you can start by having your flat. You can protect your home from cold weather with heat-insulated aluminum window profiles.

For more information, contact Bor Aluminum, manufacturer of aluminum billets, heat-insulated aluminum window profiles.


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