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Aluminum Manufacturer in Turkey. Turkish Aluminum Manufacturer

Aluminum is the third most existing element after silicon and oxygen, and the second most used metal in the world after steel. It has a very wide usage areas, because of its distinctive and beneficial features. Although it is a very common and popular metal, it has been discovered only one and a half century ago. This is why aluminum is referred as the youngest metal.

Another interesting issue about this metal is, aluminum is not purely existing in nature. It is derived from bauxite mineral. It has an interesting voyage from bauxite to aluminum foil in our kitchen. As Bor Aluminum Company, we are one of the few qualified aluminum manufacturers in Turkey.

Journey of Aluminum

Now let’s see how do we have aluminum from bauxite to final product.

  • First, bauxite mineral is mined from the mines,
  • Bauxite is turned into alumina or its other name aluminum oxide compound, (Bayer Process)
  • Then, aluminum element is derived from alumina by an electrolytic reduction, (Hall-Heroult Process)
  • Aluminum is turned into final product with some aluminum manufacturing methods;
    • Extrusion,
    • Casting,
    • Alloying,

There are some other methods, but these are the most common ones. So, is the journey finished? Of course not. Because aluminum is a highly recyclable element. And after the end of the product’s lifetime, it is recycled and added to the desired manufacturing methods with new elements. But generally, recycled aluminum is smelted for casting.

Where do We Use Aluminum?

So where do we use aluminum in our daily life? There are 5 main categories that aluminum is used.

Transportation & Machinery

This is maybe the most general category of aluminum use. As aluminum is very lightweight and durable, it widely used for transportation elements and machinery. They are used in body, engine and all kinds of mechanical systems.

Today, aluminum is used in;

  • Aviation. Most of crucial parts of airplanes are made of aluminum, like fuselage, engine and other parts.
  • Space. Important parts of rockets and spacecrafts.
  • Automotive. Main parts and others like wheels.
  • Rail and marine systems.


As it is lightweight and successful in thermal insulation, so many structural parts are made of aluminum. Windows, railings, balustrades are some example of aluminum construction materials.

Electrical and Electronics

Although copper has a higher conductivity, it is heavier and more expensive. So, aluminum is very ideal for;

  • Power lines,
  • TV antennas,
  • LED bulbs,
  • Computers and smart devices,
  • Flat-screen TV’s.

Packaging & Container

All containers of canned beverages are aluminum. Also, aluminum foil and wraps are used very commonly to cook or preserve food.

Durable Goods

Pots, pans, signs we see on the roads are generally made of aluminum.

Distinctive Features of Aluminum

So, why aluminum is this much common. As we mentioned before, there are so many advantages of aluminum. These advantages are come from the distinctive features of aluminum. And these features are;

  • Weight to strength ratio,
  • Corrosion resistance,
  • Ductility,
  • Strength in low temperatures,
  • High conductivity,
  • Non-magnetic feature,
  • Recyclability

All these and other features make aluminum a unique metal for many different use.

Aluminum Manufacturer in Turkey

Aluminum has a very important industry in Turkey. But only a handful of companies are capable of achieving aluminum process. Bor Aluminum is a very known aluminum manufacturer company in Turkey. As the best aluminum manufacturer company in Turkey, we are proud to have these certificates;

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safe Management System
  • TSE: Turkish Standards Institution Certificate
  • ROHS Test Certificate
  • ISO 45001:2018 International System Certification

So, as you can understand, quality has the highest importance for our company. We produce top-quality products in our factories.

In order to procure and maintain the highest quality, we use the latest methods in our latest technology factory. We make;

  • Billet casting,
  • Extrusion,
  • Powder coating,
  • Anodic Oxidation,
  • Mechanical Treatment and
  • Packaging and shipping

With these methods, we are one of the best aluminum billet manufacturers in Turkey. With these methods, we manufacture;

  • Aluminum channels,
  • Aluminum Accessories,
  • Angles,
  • Hinges,
  • Aluminum bars,
  • Window profiles,
  • Balustrade profiles,
  • Furniture aluminum profiles,
  • Tubes,
  • U, T profiles

and many other products.

Aluminum is the most modern element that we use in every part of our lives. As Bor Aluminum, an important aluminum sheet manufacturer in Turkey, we respect about the quality of our products, the conditions of our workers and the environment that we borrow from our children. To make our world better, you can always count on working with us.

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