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Aluminum is one of the most desired, improved, final technology structural material for lots of different industries. From construction to automobile, from food to chemical industries; aluminum has a very wide usage.

But, using aluminum is not that much easy. First of all, aluminum is not a direct metal that you can find in nature. To obtain aluminum, we have to mine for some special elements (most famous one is bauxite), and then obtain aluminum after some continuous processes. After these, you happen to obtain aluminum, but not in the desired consistency. So, you will need some other processes to purify aluminum or homogenization of aluminum for the desired material.

This way, you happen to have aluminum, but not in the right shape to use. Then, for the final products, there are some other processes. These can be extrusion, casting, and even after giving the shape you may need to make anodizing, sand papering to have the desired shape, color, condition of aluminum.

On the other hand, aluminum is a recyclable material. After some time, at the end of the life period, aluminum is recycled, and used for manufacturing aluminum casting or aluminum billets. Actually, this is the short life cycle of aluminum.

One of the most preferred and used aluminum type in the industry is aluminum profile. Aluminum profile is the final shape that we use for all purposes. For aluminum window frame profiles, construction profiles are examples to these purposes. And, aluminum profiles generally manufactured from aluminum extrusion method. Aluminum extrusion profiles are the final shape of the production process.

According to use and requirements, there are so many different types of profiles, U-profiles, L-profiles, T-profiles are some examples to them. These are specially designed profiles, that is planned during the designation of systems.

But, other than these, if you need some other shape than normal, that will be special aluminum profile. Because the shape of this doesn’t fit any of the other types, and you need a special die for the extrusion. So, this is hard to manufacture, because you don’t use conventional manufacturing machines. You have to design, manufacture a new type of machine to achieve this.

As it is hard, only some advanced companies can manufacture special aluminum profiles. Bor Aluminum is one of these special companies, and produce the best-quality special aluminum profiles according to customer demands.

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