Hinge Profiles



Hinge Profiles

Aluminum Hinge Profile

A hinge is an element that is used to combine two different objects to each other. There are two parts on a hinge which are mounted on the objects, and they rotate on a fixed axis that is also located on the hinge. The most popular type of them is door hinges. Generally, doors are mounted onto a door frame with a door hinge. The hinge allows the door to rotate on its axis, which results in the opening and closing of the door.

Generally, there are two types of hinge materials; steel hinges and aluminum hinges. Aluminum profile hinges are less strong than steel ones, but they are lighter. An aluminum hinge is generally 40%lighter than a steel hinge. This is very beneficial in reducing the total load of the objects.

Another important benefit of aluminum door hinges is durability. Aluminum is a very resistant material against weather conditions and outer effects. They rarely rust. This way, the aluminum hinge mechanism helps the door to function perfectly for many years.

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