Handrail Profile



Handrail Profile

Aluminum Handrail Profiles

One of the most common use places of aluminum is handrails. They are used in stairs, balconies, terraces, and many other places in order to add beauty and provide safety. As aluminum is an aesthetic, light, and durable material, it is very successful as handrails.

Aluminum handrail profiles are demountable. You can easily mount and dismount the whole structure or only some parts of the profiles. The biggest advantage of aluminum handrail systems is the view. As aesthetics is a very important issue today for construction, aluminum handrail fittings or aluminum handrail for stairs will add great value to your places.

On the other hand, aluminum is a great material to be used as handrails. It is very easy to maintain and clean them. Also, they are very durable and strong. So, the aluminum handrail is a very wise selection for many parts of your residences.


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