aluminum anodizing line
Aluminum Anodizing Line Installation

It is necessary to pay attention to various factors while installing the aluminum anodizing line. First of all, the region to be installed should be located in the industry and it should be in an area that is easy to get a CED report.

Another factor to consider when installing the aluminum anodizing line is that some of the anodizing chemicals are poisonous and do not come into contact with the skin. It is necessary to draw the factory layout plan by both sensitive production and fast production.

The aluminum anodized line is usually built on a flat surface inside the factory. As we mentioned, there are many different pools. These pools should be buried on the ground if the factory land is yours. This situation allows you to pay a high cost in the first stage while aluminum anodizing is done, but in the following stages, you can produce at a lower cost.

The Anodizing line is usually made on a straight line. Aluminum profiles or pieces of aluminum assembled on one side of this line are placed in pools for a certain period and kept. Thus, the anodizing process is done.

Depending on the condition of the factory, the line can also be L-shaped or U-profile.

The normal installation time of the aluminum anodizing line is 8-10 months. Some companies demand this in a shorter time to quickly switch to aluminum anodizing production. The installation of a 6000 Amper line was completed in the fastest 98 days.

Manual Aluminum Anodizing Plant

As we mentioned in the aluminum anodizing process, chemicals are used. Aluminum profiles, which are entered and removed in these chemicals, must remain in these chemicals for the anodizing process. Thus, anodized aluminum is made. These tanks should be kept at certain levels while aluminum anodizing is made. Besides, they move the crane control they use in their hands for a certain period. That is, the resolution of the pools and how long the material will remain in the pool depends on the operator. The most important feature of aluminum manual anodizing lines is that they are cheap.

Semi-automated Aluminum Anodizing Plant

Semi-automatic aluminum anodizing plant; is done by the operator controlling production with a joystick. Production on the lines can be easily controlled with the help of the joystick. However, anodizing plant chemicals are also connected to the operator. This may cause the anodizing process to be problematic again.

Semi-automatic anodizing plants are very common in the world. It is found in almost all companies. Skilled and expert anodizing operators are required for the use of this facility.

Fully-automated Aluminum Anodizing Plant

Fully automatic anodizing facility; It is the facility where all processes are done automatically since the aluminum profile is connected to the bars. The machine has two controllers. These controls are computer screens you know. You can do whatever micron anodizing you want from these screens. And the machine performs that anodizing. .There is no chemical transport by hand. Likewise, it is not your job to move the overhead crane. The machine and the crane move automatically. There are many variables when making anodizing. These variables, temperature, concentration, voltage, ampere, iron, and similar ratios in aluminum should be taken into consideration.

According to all these factors, the quality of your anodizing will change. Therefore, it is necessary to organize all these factors together to make the anodizing process error-free. In automatic, these processes are also automatic. So heating is done automatically. The concentration and resolution of the anodizing pools are constantly checked and automatic dosing is done with an automatic dosing pump.

In automatic anodizing facilities, only 1 person is in the computer room. In automatic anodizing facilities, the computer room is in the middle of the anodizing line. The operator’s only task is to check if an item has fallen into the anodizing system and its pools.

As we mentioned, the fully automatic Aluminum Anodizing line is a very difficult process. Some companies make their software to perform these operations.

As you can see, aluminum anodizing is a very detailed process. If you want a quality project to emerge, you need a quality aluminum anodizing facility.

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