aluminum recycling
What makes aluminum a good recycling metal?

Aluminum is the second most used material after iron today. Total aluminum production in the world is sufficient in today’s conditions and consumption. But aluminum consumption is increasing day by day. The recycling of aluminum products is very important to meet this increase.

The amount of electricity required to produce one kg of aluminum from bauxite is huge. Therefore, aluminum production facilities are generally installed next to hydroelectric power plants. aluminum production from bauxite in Konya, Turkey maintained and besides the hydroelectric power plant.

Although aluminum recycling provides significant energy savings, the aluminum metal contained in the earth’s crust has an estimated reserve of 1000 more years.

The most important advantage of recycling aluminum material over other alternatives is; The secondary product obtained is of a quality very close to the first. So; Aluminum is a substance that can be recycled many times.

How is aluminum recycling in Turkey?

Aluminum recycling in Turkey begins with the collection of aluminum scrap. There are small firms that collect aluminum scraps as well as large firms in the sector. These companies obtain billet from aluminum shavings by smelting and casting. As BOR Aluminum, we attach great importance to aluminum recycling for the production of top quality billets. Every recycled product is a favor to the world and it also has great benefits to the economy.

The only thing required for this is to have an aluminum recycling facility. As Bor ALuminum, we would like to state that we have a special aluminum recycling facility.

If you are looking for aluminum billet manufacturers you are in the right place. As Bor Aluminum we are the best aluminum block manufacturer in Turkey.

Besides, recycling is done using aluminum shavings. In other words, a billet is obtained by using aluminum shavings. There are some points to be considered here. Let’s examine them together with you.

Considerations when producing aluminum from scrap and shaving

When obtaining billets by melting from aluminum scrap or aluminum shavings, the most important point is that the iron in the molten aluminum is very little or no. Because the iron rate is high during aluminum profile drawing, traces may occur during extrusion which is undesirable. Aluminum shavings are heated to 700 degrees and tried to be purified. Meanwhile, the temperature of the oven can reach 1000 degrees.

The melted aluminum material is poured into the crucibles. Meanwhile, there should be no water in the crucible. Because when water comes into contact with hot aluminum, it causes an explosion. Many people were injured in this way.

The aluminum poured into the crucible for the production of billets is cooled by operating the cooling system and then removed from the crucibles.

How to cut Aluminum Billet?

Aluminum billets can be produced in cylindrical form, usually 6 meters long and in desired diameters. The billet should be cut according to the customer’s requests. At Bor Aluminum, we make the smoothest and highest quality billet cut according to the demands of our customers. We fully produce the dimensions specified by our customers and ensure their delivery to them.

Since the billet is a solid material, it produces a lot of smoke if a standard oil is used when cutting, which is undesirable. Some fats cut the nutrient without removing smoke during the cut. One of them is Mecanica-Supercut 7908 cutting oil. When the billet is cut with this oil, a small amount of smoke is produced despite being filled material. Thus, necessary security is provided, including worker health.

The health of our employees is always a priority for us, so we always care about worker health.

We would like to state that we are very selfless about the happiness of our employees and the happiness of our customers.

Another point to be considered is; The iron in the billet makes the saw life shorter.

Machines with 600-700 saws are used to cut billet. These machines have very powerful engines. An example of these machines is the Pressta GFX700 GS model.


As you can see, aluminum is a very common and important material. It is the only material that can be used for billet production. And billets can be shaped to final products like aluminum profiles and many others. Therefore, we recommend you to work with companies that are specialized in the production of aluminum billets.

If you are looking for aluminum billet manufacturers we are here to serve as the best billet aluminum block manufacturer in Turkey. Just contact us to learn detailed information about billet manufacturing and aluminum billet prices.

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