distinctive features of aluminum
What are the Distinctive and Special Aluminum Features?

Aluminum is the third most existing element in the world after oxygen and silicon. It is derived from bauxite ore with the electrolyze method. It is interesting that, though widely used, industrial use of the material date back to a very close time, 1886. This is why we can name it the youngest metal.

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We know that aluminum material is used in so many different areas. And we know that it has so many benefits when compared to the other metals. So, what are the distinctive features of aluminum? Does it have more valuable specialties when compared to other types of metals? As an expert in the industry, we will explain the important features of aluminum metal in this post.


A Short History of the Aluminum

A Short History of the Aluminum 

We mentioned that the start of the industrial use of aluminum is  1886. But the invention of it dates back to the beginning of the century, 1807. Sir Humprey Davy is the first person who derived it. After him, Hans Christian Oersted, Frederick Wöhler, and Henri Sainte-Claire Deville have improved new methods of the derivation of aluminum.

But the industrial use began in 1886 in two different places; the USA and France. Charles Martin Hall of USA and Paul T. Herault from France, unaware of each other, used electrolyze as a method to derive aluminum. This method is still being used, so that’s why we accept 1886 as the beginning of the industrialized use of aluminum.

After the invention of the dynamo in 1886 by Werner Von Siemens and Bayer Process in 1892 by K.J.Bayer, the manufacturing of aluminum has got so easy as for industrial purposes.

The chart of the historical improvements of aluminum;

  • Invention in 1807,
  • Improvements by three other scientists around 1827 and 1846,
  • Start of the electrolyze and industrial use in 1886
  • Bayer Process in 1892

After that, this young metal became the second most used metal all over the World. For more details about the history of aluminum, you can check our website.


Distinctive and Important Features of Aluminum

Distinctive and Important Features of Aluminum

So we can talk about features now. First, we will talk about some general features of aluminum. The original metal is very soft but its alloys are 15 times stronger than the metal. The weight of the aluminum metal 1/3 of steel or copper. It is easily reshaped, processable, and reusable for commercial purposes.

Now let’s see the features of aluminum.

1- Weight to Strength Ratio

Aluminum is a very light metal when compared to steel. With 2,7 g/cm³ specific weight, it is a 1 to 3 ratio to other metals. This lightness results in savings on manufacturing. Also, it is very important for manufacturing special products like aluminum profiles. Also, in-car production example helps to reduce the dead weight. So this results in energy savings, less fuel consumption, and a more green World.

2- Less Corrosions

Aluminum has a natural protective thin oxide covering that is helpful in corrosion resistance. When it is used for coating certain materials, like kitchen cabinets, aluminum provides a natural corrosion-resistant layer. This also protects the surfaces more than their natural lifetime.

3- Ductility

Aluminum is very beneficial in ductility with a low density and melting point. It is very easy to melt and shape into different products. This is very helpful in the manufacturing process.

4- Very Strong in Low Temperatures

In contrast to ductility and other metal steel, aluminum is stronger than steel which becomes brittle at low temperatures.

5- High Conductivity of Electricity and Thermal Power

Aluminum is a wonderful heat and electrical conductor. When compared to copper, it is two times more successful. This makes aluminum the first choice for power transmission elements.

6- Non-magnetic Structure

Aluminum is a non-magnetic metal. So it is highly preferred for electrical shieldings.

7- Recyclability

One of the main and distinctive features of aluminum is recycling. It is 100% recyclable material and also very similar to the new aluminum after the process. For example, old aluminum balustrades can be recycled easily into another product. So it is very cost-effective and ecological. Aluminum requires only 5% of the energy that is required for the manufacturing of new material.

These are some very important and distinctive features of aluminum. We can see from all these that aluminum is a wonderful and one of the most beneficial metals in the world. At Bor Aluminum, we manufacture the best quality material. You can contact us and let our experienced personnel guide you about everything.

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