Can Aluminum Tubing Bend
ACan Aluminum Tubing Bend?

Aluminum products are now very diverse and in demand, showing that this material is effective and indispensable in many areas of life. One of the most popular types of this type of product is aluminum tube.

Aluminum tubing is a very durable and solid product that can be used in many different sectors. Aluminum tubing, which is very popular in different sectors, helps to create a solid product that the sectors need. The round aluminum tube is lightweight and incredibly durable. Besides, we would like to state that; aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion.

It is also a material with a high strength/weight ratio. Finally, an extruded aluminum pipe can be produced in any shape and size, by the aesthetic properties of the area to be used.

The processing of the round aluminum pipe is quite easy. It is molded according to the project you want to implement and it is produced in an appropriate size.

If we come to the topic we want to talk about today, we would like to point out that aluminum tubes can be bent easily. Because aluminum is a very suitable material in terms of bending and shaping.

There are several reasons why aluminum can bend and take shape easily. Depending on the nature of the substance; Aluminum has a structure that is very easy to process when compared to other materials.

The biggest feature that distinguishes aluminum from other metals is that aluminum is naturally composed of a soft alloy.

Extruded aluminum tubing is easily bent and shaped. The most used type of aluminum is aluminum profiles which are the result of aluminum extrusion. Depending on the industry to be used, aluminum should be bent in different ways. Aluminum needs to be bent in this direction as the needs of each sector are different. Since aluminum is easy to bend, it is suitable for all sectors. Therefore, it has become a preferred product in many sectors.

Although aluminum tubing can be bent by users, experts must do this. Because special equipment is used for the bending process. At Bor Aluminum, we offer aluminum tubing products that we can produce to the extent and shape you want.

If you are looking for a round aluminum tubing manufacturer we are here to serve you. We want to strengthen the strong bond we have established with your trust for many years. So all you have to do is trust our professional team with a high level of knowledge.

We have the potential to export all over the world. We work skillfully to meet the needs of your desired product. And we complete the production phase, which we coordinate with you, after approving the product you want.

As a result, aluminum round bar products produced by their purpose and serving their purpose are created. And it is delivered to you in the fastest way.

How to bend round aluminum tubing?


Aluminum tubing bending techniques


  1. Push bending Technique:

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This process, called push bending, is a common and common method for making a bend, especially for soft materials and large radii.

Principle of the technique: The pipe is held from both sides by free clamps (counter dies) and the bending process is performed by pushing the main die or radius block. This process is applied today, as in the past, in large and thick pipes with special tools and hydraulic press force. Press bending is the oldest industrial technology for tube bending. Force can be obtained using a pneumatic, hydraulic, or another force unit. Also, the same technique can be used with horizontal hydraulic presses for bending profiles and solid bars.

In this bending technique; There is no system to control the lengths between two bends. For this reason, it is impossible to precisely measure between two bends. Nowadays, the main reason for using this technique is that it is practical and useful in processing with soft materials such as copper-aluminum. The same justification applies to service and repair.


  • Simple and inexpensive technology
  • Different shapes can be applied by changing the positions of the clamps
  • Wide range of uses with various tools.


  • It cannot make the degrees the same in standard and continuous bends.
  • Usually used for soft materials such as copper.
  • It is used to make jobs with only one twist
  • Internal and external deformations are quite evident in bending.
  1. Three Roll Bending Techniques:

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The 3 roller bending technique is one of the most used bending techniques in the industry with manual or hydraulic systems. Pipes, profiles, flat bars, angles, shaped profiles are the main bending materials used in this field. This technology is perfect for large radii.

In addition, it is the only method that allows large-diameter pipes such as 300, 400, 500 mm diameter to be bent with cold bending without heating. This means that the technique can be used in small to large pipelines, for example, steel constructions or pipelines.

Principle of the technique: The pipe is inserted between the reels. Two reels are held at the bottom and one at the top. The upper roller is moved vertically up and down to create a radius. The downward movement of the reel, that is, its proximity to two fixed rollers, narrows the radius. The vertical upward movement will make the radius grow. Several or all of the cylinders are driven to allow the pipe to pass through the cylinders. Therefore, in this method, there is no additional force for twisting other than the force used for the position of the rollers.


  • Economic technology
  • Different radius can be made with one set of molds
  • Wide use with large radii


  • Small radiuses cannot be used
  • Difficulty controlling radius changes in a single piece
  • Difficulty controlling the distance between two twists
  1. Mandrel Bending Technique:

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It is a twisting technique that is widely used in manufacturing with continuity in the industrial system. This system, which dates back to the 1800s, is the most popular pipe bending system today as it provides the most precise and controlled bending compared to all other ways. For this reason, the products produced by the mandrel bending technique are used in the automotive sector, furniture sector, agricultural tools and equipment, education, sports, almost every area of ​​life.

Principle of the technique: First, the pipe is clamped with the front jaw, the back jaw (skid) is bent by the rotation of the bending die against the pipe. The rear jaw (skid) follows the pipe at the moment of bending with the pressure it applies to the pipe and protects the outer form of the pipe.

One of the most important points in the pipe bending process is the mandrel inside the pipe during bending. It emphasizes the importance of giving its name to the twisting technique it is used. Another complementary part is the part called the spoon, which prevents wrinkles (pilling) that may occur in the inner radius during bending of the pipe by plastering. Spoon is not required for every twist. However, there are many situations where it is needed and indispensable for a solution.


  • Sensitivity of the process
  • Ability to bend in narrow radii
  • Ability to take between two bends as standard


  • The most expensive of the Twisting Techniques
  1. Wrapping Bending Technique

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In the technique of bending by wrapping the mold, the pipe is wrapped around the fixed mold. To realize this winding movement, the independently moving slide applies pressure in the opposite direction to the pipe and the pipe has to take the form of the mold.

This technique is frequently used in bending machines today. There is no mandrel in these machines as an additional bending facility. The absence of a mandrel can also be an advantage in terms of pipe length depending on the condition of the work. This technique is generally suitable for bending radii with sufficient wall thickness and 3D or greater radius. Wrapping twisting is a very economical solution if the quality is satisfactory.


  • Economical solution for mandrels bending
  • The system can offer a practical solution with its easy portability.


  • Low-quality bends
  • It is very difficult to make more than one bend on the same piece

Note: Aluminum round tubing is a very popular material used for different purposes in different projects today. It can be used in different sizes, different sizes, and different application areas.

So contact us for round aluminum tubing prices. You can buy the best quality round aluminum tubing from Bor Aluminum at the best appropriate prices. If you need aluminum tube bending near me we are here to serve you.

Following the bending and shaping process, the cutting process comes and aluminum round tubing products are cut in special sizes according to your request.

So how to cut round aluminum tubing? The answer to this question is quite simple. We use electric cutting saws or specially manufactured tubing cutting machines for cutting aluminum products in our facilities.

We perform the safest and most efficient cutting process with the cutting machines we use. There is a point to be considered here. This is whether aluminum pipes form burrs after cutting. Burrs are waste pieces that remain on the edge after aluminum is cut and can be sharp. Therefore, after cutting, sharp areas are cleaned.

As Bor Aluminum we are aluminum profile manufacturers in Turkey. If you need aluminum extrusion profile manufacturers, or round aluminum tubing manufacturers, or aluminum window sills manufacturers we are here to serve you.

Note: Aluminum round tubing is a very popular material used for different purposes in different projects today. It can be used in different sizes, different sizes, and different application areas.

So contact us for round aluminum tubing prices. You can buy the best quality round aluminum tubing from Bor Aluminum at the best appropriate prices. If you need aluminum tube bending near me we are here to serve you.

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