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Aluminum is a metal that can be used in many industries. The material can be easily melted and poured into different molds and take new forms. The most widely used form of aluminum in the sector is the billet, which is obtained by the continuous casting of molten alloys. Billet aluminum is a billet-shaped, semi-finished product with cross-section dimensions smaller than 200 x 200 mm (square). It is a cast aluminum material with diameters such as 100, 110, 152, 178, and 203 mm. As Billet Aluminum manufacturer, our company has been offering you the best quality aluminum products in the sector for 30 years.

What are aluminum billets?

The billet is the preparation of aluminum in billet form in a rather large way. It is produced by casting. It is long, narrow, and in the form of a filled tube. And widely used in the aviation industry. Besides, you can get different products by melting aluminum billets.

How to cut aluminum billets?

The aluminum billet is a product that can be produced in the form of a cylinder, usually 6 meters in length and in desired diameters. It is necessary to cut the billet according to the wishes of the customers. Because the billet is full material, it will produce a lot of smoke if a standard oil is used, which is undesirable. There are oils that cut the billets without producing smoke. One of them is Mecanica-Supercut 7908 cutting oil. When the billet is cut with this oil, the smoke is not too much, but a trace amount, despite the full material. Thus, the necessary safety, including worker health, is provided. Having an iron in the billet ensures that the life of the saw is less. Machines with 600-700 saw blades are used for cutting billet. These machines have very strong motors.

Aluminum Billet Producer In Turkey

As Bor aluminum, we are Turkey’s best aluminum billet producer. Thanks to our wide machine park, we are creating wonders from scrap aluminum. We export aluminum profiles all over the world with the special aluminum profiles we produce. As an aluminum billet producer, we strive to provide you with the best quality service. Contact us immediately and get detailed information about billet aluminum prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Billet Manufacturing

Where is aluminum billet used?

Aluminum can be used in general from bicycles to airplanes, from cooling systems to kitchenware.

What is cast aluminum billet?

After aluminum becomes billet, it is processed, in other words, the product is shaped. After this shaping process, there is no limit to the area that it can be used. You can use it in the automotive industry or in the aviation industry.

How is aluminum billets made?

It is quite easy to shape the aluminum billet. When you want to shape the aluminum billet, it is enough to put the product in a container suitable for the shape you want to give. Then you heat the aluminum and pass it through the pot. As a result, aluminum billets take the shape you want. Said process is defined as an extrusion technique. There are also similar methods for melting aluminum ingots.

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