Aluminum U Profile

Aluminum profiles are widely used on construction and structural industry. And one of the common types of them is aluminum U-profile. Before we talk about U-profile aluminum, let’s talk about aluminum profiles in general. The distinctive features of aluminum profiles, which are;

  • Durability against heat,
  • Easily shaped with elastic structure,
  • Conductivity of electricity and heat,
  • Durability against
    • Air conditions,
    • Water leaks,
    • Gas leaks

make aluminum use areas widen every day. As aluminum is very water and snow resistant, it is also used for building siding widely.

So, where exactly do we use aluminum profiles? Other than we mentioned, aluminum has a long lifetime. And we use aluminum profiles for;

  • Flooring,
  • Floor cavity fills,
  • Balcony glass in order to provide water and air resistance,
  • Glass doors and sliding doors (at corners),
  • Home blinds,
  • Stair balustrades,
  • Balcony balustrades,
  • Glass balustrades for swimming pool,
  • Windows and doors,
  • Steel door frames,

and many other places.

Why aluminum profiles are this much common? Because they have so many benefits. First of all, aluminum profiles are very resistant against weather conditions. This make them a very popular and beneficial element for constructions. Aluminum is preferred for siding or windows or doors because of this durability. It is either used for siding or windows, it is sure that it will provide a warm interior on cold winter times.

On the other hand, the features we mentioned at the top are also the benefits of aluminum. It is light, easy to assemble, conductive, easy to shape, and very successful in isolation.

On the other hand, U-profiles are very beneficial for window or door structure. As they are in U shape, they are ideal for using as U channel aluminum profile. As Bor Aluminum Company, one of our favorite products is aluminum extrusion U-profile.

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