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Aluminum is one of the most valuable and beneficial material of the 20th and 21st centuries. It hasn’t been that much long that it is discovered, but the distinctive features of this metal make it indispensable for nearly all industries. The demand for aluminum is increasing day by day because of;

  • Global warming,
  • Increasing population,
  • Increase ratio on income and urbanization.

So, how is the situation in Turkey on aluminum? Unfortunately, not so bright. Turkey has only 1,5% share of the global aluminum trade. But Turkey is increasing its production capacity 6,6% per year because of being close to developed European Market and also to developing Middle East Market. Day by day it is becoming more competitive and challenging in Turkey’s market.

But the problems that Turkey endure are;

  • High prices of energy,
  • Low amount of raw material (bauxite),
  • Dependance to the importation of raw material and manufacturing technologies.

According to General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (Maden Teknik Arama-MTA) researches, bauxite reserve in Turkey is 68.910.000 tone. And, when we compare this reserve to the growing demand of Turkey, the reserve will not be sufficient enough in the close future.

This problem can be achieved only by wise decisions and important investments. We need more aluminum producers in Turkey. More aluminum foil manufacturers in Turkey or aluminum sheet manufacturers in Turkey.

And, there are only a number of aluminum company in Turkey. And Bor Aluminum is one of the aluminum manufacturer in Turkey. For more complicated, and profitable investments, we need to have more aluminum billet manufacturer in Turkey. Also, for the advanced use of aluminum billet, there should be aluminum extrusion companies in Turkey. And, Bor Aluminum is one of the companies that are capable of aluminum extrusion in Turkey.

As Bor Aluminum, we look thorough the future of Turkey. We believe in our country and work harder every day to improve our economy and add value to our nation.

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