aluminum joinery systems
What are the aluminum joinery systems?

Aluminum joinery systems; It is the process of cutting and processing different aluminum profiles up to 6 meters long and that these products take a functional place in our lives as a door, window, glass, and balcony system. Aluminum joinery can be produced in different ways, with and without thermal insulation.

At Bor Aluminum today we will explain the details of aluminum joinery systems for you. As the aluminum billets manufacturer and aluminum profile manufacturer, we are here to serve you.

Let’s begin;

Aluminum joinery systems are preferred for various reasons and they have many advantages. So, the question of why aluminum joinery should be preferred can be asked frequently. Aluminum joinery, which is highly demanded in many sectors, is a durable and functional material. So; aluminum joinery, which is known for offering the highest insulation standards if preferred in windows, is also very long-lasting if it is not damaged. It can maintain its mechanical properties even at high and very low temperatures.

Although it is produced with very precise dimensions, it is also possible to make designs in customized shapes. Thus, it is provided to be much more widespread in terms of usage areas. Aluminum joinery systems are durable. Although it is durable, aluminum, which has a light feature, is easy to maintain. That is why it is resistant to wind. It is known that aluminum joinery systems, which are sufficient to clean with alkaline detergents every 6 months, are also much more resistant to chemical effects.

Aluminum joinery is environmentally friendly. It is highly preferred because it provides 100% recycling. Aluminum is known to save 95% energy. Thanks to aluminum recycling, millions of tons of savings are achieved in greenhouse gas emissions. Due to its compliance with fire regulations, it is preferred in important structures such as schools and hospitals.

Considerations when using Aluminum Joinery Systems

Aluminum Joinery systems have a wide usage area in main structures, windows, and door systems carrying your facade system. It is of great importance that the main factors such as correct selection, quality, and application of the product are fulfilled completely. When all these combinations come together, a job that offers an aesthetic appearance is created. For a better understanding of the importance of these main topics, we can examine them extensively under sub-titles.

First of all, material selection should be done very well. The most preferred reason for aluminum joinery systems is to use the product with maximum strength by reducing the weight to a minimum. The consequences of not choosing the right product cause loss of customers rather than financial losses.

For this reason, static calculations have been made, the environment and all other external factors have been calculated well, and project-based work has to be done. It should not be forgotten that no matter how good all the other stages are, it will be of no importance due to this error in the selection of the product in the first place.

Another important point is the correct and complete application of the selected product. In large-scale projects where even millimeters are of great importance, small mistakes will have an avalanche effect and will become inexorable. Therefore, it should be started with the right project and zero error, it should be remembered that every step is taken, every nail nailed is very important. If the right projects are not built on solid foundations in terms of size, great destructions may be inevitable in the following stages and loss of lives may also occur. A project, in which job and worker safety are fully ensured and rules and instructions are followed properly, should be carried out. In aluminum joinery systems, long-lasting and maximum efficiency jobs will be revealed.

Our company has always integrated the innovations brought by technology to itself by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground. In the projects that we have done with our customers according to their thoughts and wishes, we make a difference in Turkey. With 100% customer satisfaction, we are expanding our customer portfolio day by day.

At Bor Aluminum, there is no doubt that we will always provide you with the highest quality aluminum service. We are at your service with affordable aluminum joinery systems and aluminum billets.

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