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Aluminum billet is a solid, long cylinder of aluminum material. It is manufactured in this shape in order to be loaded and carried easier and used to manufacture the desired shape and length of aluminum products.

The most common method that the billets are used is aluminum extrusion. Aluminum extrusion is a kind of reshaping process to obtain the desired product from aluminum billets. In this method, pre-heated aluminum billets are forced into a specially designed hole, named die, to give the final shape to the material. It is like squeezing a toothpaste tube. And the paste that comes out from the mouth becomes aluminum in this metaphor.

This process is easier and more economical than aluminum casting. Because, you need to melt the solid aluminum in order to make casting. The basic of this process is to obtain molten aluminum first, then pouring it into specially prepared molts to give the final shape. Both methods have pros and cons when compared to each other.

So, aluminum billets are used in both methods, but they are more suitable for aluminum extrusion process. So how to manufacture aluminum billets? Actually, it is another casting method.

Aluminum ingots, scraps, and other materials are smelted first. Then, they are cast into billet shaped tubes or casting machines. It is important to make the controlled cooling. Also, aluminum billet is subject to a homogenization process. This make the aluminum billets pure and ready to be used for extrusion.

Bor Aluminum Company is established in Cerkezkoy/Tekirdag, the western part of Turkey, and is one of the best billet manufacturer companies in the country. It was founded in 1997, and for more than 20 years, we are providing the best quality aluminum products to all around the world. We are also one of a couple of companies that has the ability to manufacture aluminum billets.

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