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What is a balustrade? It is a row of vertical columns that are combined with each other by a handrail system on the top. They are generally used for a protection structure for stairs, balconies, or terraces. But mostly for stairs.

And aluminum is one of the best materials for the balustrade. As aluminum is a very light but strong element or metal, the aluminum balustrade is a great product for public and personal use (houses).

There are two main functions of an aluminum balustrade or aluminum handrails; safety and design. Their primary job is to keep residents or users from falling. So, they should be very durable and strong in their structure. On the other hand, they are on direct exposure in the place they stand. So, people prefer them to be elegant, fancy, and good looking.

And aluminum is very successful to provide these aims. Aluminum is very strong and durable in its structure. But also, it is very light that create no extra load to stairs or balconies. One of the other biggest advantages of aluminum is that it is very easy to shape them into desired model and color. So, you can create whatever shape you like. Also, it is possible to paint them in the color we desire.


There are many types of aluminum balustrade for different designs and tastes. For example, balustrade with glass is a very common type that is being used for many places. This type has a great aesthetic view, and strong structure.

On the other hand, aluminum balustrade is very easy to maintain. You can easily clean them, and generally you will do nothing to maintain it for any time. They are very strong and they don’t require any maintenance. Just keeping an eye on it all the time will provide a strong and flawless material that you will be very pleased to use.

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